Adventure Bound Kayaking

Adventure awaits

Tracy’s Bio

Hi! My name is Tracy and I wholeheartedly admit it … I love nature!  From as far back as I can remember, I’ve been camping, swimming, boating and hiking.  With my family, I had an early introduction to the beauty of nature and wildlife and it stuck … happily, the passion has grown from there. 

If you ask me what I’d most love to be doing, I’d answer “being off somewhere in my kayak … finding a remote place to set up camp and watch the sunset”.

I’ve been sea kayaking since the early 2000’s and added white water paddling to the mix shortly thereafter.  I was fortunate enough to meet, Bill, my husband and fellow kayaker, on a kayaking trip no less! and love being able to share the joy that we have found in this awesome pastime. 

I look forward to meeting you in the greater Waterloo area and helping you as your paddle towards your goals!

Bill’s Bio

My name is Bill and my friends would call me an “Adrenaline Junkie”.  That aside, I’m also the one who enjoys standing on the rocks, on an isolated island, in the middle of Georgian Bay, taking in the beauty of nature.  I took up sea kayaking 5 years ago, but previous to that was active with canoeing, hiking and camping. 

As you can well imagine, finding a kindred spirit and soul mate (Tracy), while paddling Georgian Bay has been the “Unicorns” on top of the wedding cake…..ask me what this means. 

I have voyaged and trained with great coaches that instilled confidence in my abilities and their amazement of nature has been infectious. I am look forward to giving back; allowing others the self- assurance to experience these opportunities through fun filled involvement in kayaking in the greater Waterloo area.